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Which Disaster are Covered by Homeowners Insurance?

Homeowners insurance is a coverage that protects you from financial losses when your home is destroyed by the perils listed in the policy. Your home is perhaps your most valuable investment and you ought not to take chances with it.

Risks Covered by Homeowners Insurance

Risks covered vary with the insurance companies. West Texas Insurance Agency in Amarillo, TX offers cost-effective home insurance options to cover your home against risks such as theft, fire, and effects of adverse weather conditions like tornadoes, windstorm, hail, lightning, and explosions or volcanic eruptions. The agency serves states like Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. It provides basic coverage options such as:

  • Liability Coverage – pays for damages caused by you, members of your family, or pets on other people’s properties.
  • Property Coverage – to protect all your belongings such as furniture and jewelry against damage caused by fire, lightning, smoke, vehicles, riots, explosion, theft, and falling objects.
  • Dwelling Coverage – covers your entire house and everything attached such as parking, sheds, and decks.
  • Additional living expenses coverage – provides for extra costs such as a place to stay after your house is damaged.

Remember, home insurance does not cover disasters such as floods, insects, earthquake, water leaks, nuclear hazards, war, wear and tear, or even neglect.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Home Insurance Coverage

The actual cash value or replacement costs are options that you can choose. Replacement cost helps to re-build your home in case of destruction. This coverage ensures that repairs are done using the exact materials and quality when initially constructed.

Consider choosing a policy that you can easily afford while ensuring that the coverage offered is adequate. Conduct an annual review of your home insurance to make any adjustments if need be.

The best way to secure your home investments is by getting the services of a reliable insurance company. West Texas Insurance agency in Amarillo, TX offers its trusted services to states such as Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. For more information or questions, visit our office or give us a call at 806-352-2090. Our website also offers an online rating tool for quotes on home and auto insurance from the comfort of your home.

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