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Temporary Insurance Adjustments During a Commercial Renovation

A commercial business renovation may require adjustments to your existing business insurance policy. These adjustments will protect your place of business, the contents stored within, and the people who have access to your property.


First, you should consider the building you own and operate. When renovating the space, you will likely choose many new structural materials to complete the upgrades.

Adding these materials to your commercial insurance policy will prevent monetary loss if any of the materials are ultimately damaged. In addition, the coverage will protect the materials from theft and vandalism. 


The next thing you should focus on is the type of items you plan on storing within your business. If you are going to swap old furniture out for new furniture, for instance, your new investments may require additional insurance coverage. 

One way to keep track of every item you need to insure is by documenting the purchases you make while the renovation project is underway.


A risk of injury or damage occurs while a renovation project is active. Having liability insurance coverage will protect you in the event of an unforeseen incident. This type of coverage will pay for costs associated with any injury or damage that occurs on or in your property while the renovation is underway.

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