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Making your Texas home a safer place to live

When it comes to making your Texas home a safer place to live, it can mean protecting yourself from things in your house and outside of your house. At West Texas Insurance Agency in Amarillo, TX, we can help make your home safer by ensuring you have the correct home insurance to protect your biggest asset. 

In the home

Safety comes in a lot of different forms. One of the significant safety issues in any home is fire. Every home should be equipped with smoke detectors. They should also have backup batteries if the power is out when a fire starts. It would be best to have a fire extinguisher in an easily accessible location. 

Trips and falls are a significant safety concern. Ensure the lighting is good in all dark areas, such as hallways. Don’t let clutter accumulate on stairs and in heavily trafficked areas. Don’t use throw rugs; they pose a trip and fall hazard. If you must use extension cords, ensure they are tucked close to the wall. Use a no-slip bath mat or stickers. Having a grab bar in the shower or bath is a good idea if you are unsteady. 

Outside the home

Outside your home, lighting is essential. Motion detector lights will guarantee that when you move into their range, they will turn on for you to light your way. 

Installing a home protection system is one way to make your home a safer place from the outside. It can be as simple as a digital locking system that you can activate with your phone or a doorbell camera. Using the locks on your windows is also important. 

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