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Auto Insurance and Coverage Options in Texas

When it comes to auto insurance as a driver in the state of Texas, the agents at West Texas Insurance Agency in Amarillo, TX want you to have an insurance policy in place to protect yourself from hefty fines and even jail time. This is because Texas requires that all drivers have a minimum amount of auto liability insurance to drive a motor vehicle legally. This type of insurance will help cover any damage you cause in an accident to someone else’s property, as well as any injuries sustained by anyone involved in the crash. Besides this type of required insurance, you may be interested in obtaining other types of auto insurance coverage options.

Underinsured and Uninsured Motorist Coverage

This type of insurance is excellent if someone slams into your vehicle, causing you to become injured or causing significant damage to your vehicle. This will help pick up the slack if the driver who caused the accident does not have any insurance or does not have a very good policy and place to cover everything it needs to.

Comprehensive and Collision Insurance

Comprehensive and collision insurance coverage options may be required for you to have in your auto insurance policy if you still owe a loan for your vehicle. Even if you don’t, they’re both excellent coverage options to include.

Comprehensive coverage will help pay for any damage your car sustains if there is a natural disaster, a fire, or an act of vandalism. It will also replace your vehicle if it is stolen.

Collision insurance will help pay for damage to your vehicle if you collide with another vehicle or even a stationary object.

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