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Home Insurance Options To Consider

Finding the right kind of home owner’s insurance is a very personal matter. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to insuring your home. You have a different property from the person next to you. You have different valuables inside and you have a different family. All of these are elements you need to consider when selecting the right home insurance add-ons. If you live in or around Amarillo, TX, West Texas Insurance Agency is here to help you find the right insurance options for your property. 

Flood Insurance

Sure, it doesn’t rain all the time in Amarillo, but when it does it often overwhelms the region. The ground your property is on accustomed to absorbing heavy rainfall. Additionally, if you have a plumbing line burst during the winter, it may flood your property. That is why you should consider flood insurance. 

Window Insurance

Do you have children? Do they love to play baseball and be active around the house? If so there is a greater chance of having a cracked window. Your home insurance may cover some damaged windows, but when it is human error you might receive limited coverage at best. With some additional window insurance, you’ll protect your property from this kind of damage. 

Added Liability Insurance

If you live in a crowded area with a good amount of foot traffic you may want to consider added liability insurance. This will help protect you if someone slips and falls on your property and then attempts to file a lawsuit against you.

The best way to determine the right home insurance options for your own home is to talk to the team at West Texas Insurance Agency. Here the team will help walk you through the selection process and go over the best way to protect your home. So, if you’re interested in understanding how to insure your home and you live around Amarillo, TX, now is the time to give the team a call. 

Must Have Home Insurance for New Homeowners

You just bought your first home and are ready to get homeowner’s insurance. Where do you start? Home insurance is how you’ll protect your valuable investment for years to come. At West Texas Insurance Agency in Amarillo, TX, we can help you find the protection you’re looking for at a cost you can afford.

If you’re buying home insurance for the first time, here are some of your best coverage options:

Dwelling Coverage

Dwelling insurance protects your home’s structure along with any attached parts such as a sun porch, balcony or garage. If your structure were to suffer damage from a fire, storm or other covered peril, your insurer will pay for repair or replacement costs, up to the limits on your policy. As homes are expensive investments, your dwelling protection should cover the cost of rebuilding your home if it suffers a total loss.

Personal Property Coverage

This coverage protects your belongings to include furniture, appliances, electronics, digital devices, clothes, heirlooms, and other personal items. If you own expensive goods, you should consider replacement cost coverage as it covers the cost of replacing anything that’s stolen, irreparably damaged or lost.

Liability Coverage

This insurance pays for the medical expenses of visitors who are injured while on your property. If your friend falls down the stairs and breaks his leg, liability insurance will cover his medical costs. Liability coverage also covers legal fees if you’re sued for damages due to accidental injuries that occur on your property.

Each of these coverage options come with default limits which can be increased or decreased to suit your need. By customizing your coverage, you can get more protection from your home insurance policy.  

To learn more about home insurance coverage and costs, contact West Texas Insurance Agency in Amarillo, TX today.

3 Tips for Keeping Your Homeowners Policy Affordable

The agents of West Texas Insurance Agency serve residents who live in or near the Amarillo, TX area. Their ultimate goal is to help their clients get the best rates possible for the insurance policies they purchase. There are several ways to cut monthly costs without lowering your coverage. A few of the most common ways to save money include the following.

Home Security System

Installing a home security system may make you eligible for discounts in terms of your homeowner’s policy. This is especially true if the system sends alerts to a third-party monitoring center. While there are several different brands of home security systems, most are recognized by insurance agencies for the benefits they offer to consumers.

Raise Your Deductibles

Raising your deductibles is one of the quickest ways to lower your monthly insurance payments. By agreeing to maintain a higher level of financial responsibility, your insurance premiums will start to decrease. The higher your deductible, the lower your monthly premium.

Bundle All of Your Policies

Another way of saving money on monthly insurance costs is to bundle your policies. Bundling your home, auto, and boat/motorcycle insurance in one policy can lower your monthly premiums dramatically. By having all of your policies with one company, you can pay one premium to cover them all. No more multiple payments or mixed up billing dates.

Everyone wants to learn how to save money, especially when it comes to insurance policies. If you live in the Amarillo, TX area and have questions about your homeowner’s policy, call the agents at West Texas Insurance Agency. They can review your existing policy and make sure you have the best coverage possible at an affordable cost.

3 Questions To Ask Your Broker About Your Home Insurance Policy

What do you talk about with insurance brokers as you shop around for your homeowner’s policy?

Do you have a fruitful conversation about what your coverage might entail, or do you browse around on your own and try to figure out what the best fit for your situation is? If you’re doing business with the West Texas Insurance Agency, your agent will answer any questions you may have. Here are the three most important questions to ask a broker about your home insurance policy.

1. What Exactly Is Covered In The Event Of total Loss?

If tragedy strikes and you are left with nothing regarding your home and possessions, you would hardly be expected to make sense of what your policy will cover as you get back on your feet. This is why it’s crucial to discuss total loss coverage now, while your home is intact and your policy is new or not yet in effect.

A standard homeowner’s policy will cover damage caused by most disasters except earthquakes and flooding. Those two natural disasters are climate and area-specific. Therefore, they’re not included in a general home insurance policy. You should research if you need additional coverage not covered by a general home insurance policy in Amarillo, TX. 

Your total loss coverage depends mostly on your home’s construction as well as your neighborhood. It may also include your possessions inside of the house, generally valued at up to 50 percent of your total coverage. Every policy is different, though, so it’s worth it to ask about the specifics.

2. What’s My Additional Living Expenses Coverage?

If your home is uninhabitable, you’ll have to live somewhere else. Not everyone is lucky enough to have generous loved ones who will let them room at their house free-of-charge, so most home owner’s policies provide additional living expense (ALE) coverage.

It’s worth knowing how much you’ll be reimbursed for hotels, food, and other expenses in this type of emergency. You should also ask about how this reimbursement is distributed by your insurance company. Do you need to provide receipts for every expense, or are you paid out in advance after disaster strikes? Knowing this will help you budget appropriately in case of emergency.

3. Am I Eligible For Discounts?

Depending on some personal factors or features in your home, you might be up for a lucky break. You can get a discount on your home insurance. Your broker won’t know which discounts you’re eligible for unless you mention that you’d like to explore your options.

For instance, you may qualify for a discount if you have a smart home security system installed. There might be discounts based on age, disability, or veteran status as well. You lose nothing by asking this particular question, while you may gain a good bargain by doing so.

Are you ready to talk to a broker in Amarillo, TX? Contact the West Texas Insurance Agency today to get your questions answered.

Protecting Your Home from Amarillo’s Unpredictable Weather

Protecting your home is one of the most important roles that an insurance policy can provide, and with the unpredictable weather that can occur here in the greater Amarillo, TX area, West Texas Insurance Agency is here to make sure that you have the coverage that you need. Your peace of mind can increase when you know that you have comprehensive coverage.

It is Important to Know What is and What is Not Covered by Your Current Homeowners Policy

When you are making the decision about which homeowners policy is right for your needs, there are few factors to take into consideration. In this post, we will focus mainly on weather-related incidents that can cause damage and destruction to your home. In addition to our run-of-the-mill storms, we also need to sometimes be prepared for tornadoes, high winds, heavy rainstorms, and flooding. 

Even when some events are covered, such as a storm, damage caused by subsequent acts of nature, such as flooding, or a tree falling on your house, may not be covered. These gaps in coverage can also pertain to electrical fires started by downed power lines and other similar problems that are sometimes not considered when choosing a home insurance policy. If you are looking to buy a home in the greater Amarillo area, or you just want to make sure that your current policy has the coverage that you need, give us a call today.

Are You Looking for a New Policy, or Need a Review of Your Current Policy? Call or Stop by Today!

Now is the time to make sure that your policy has the coverage that you want and need. Call West Texas Insurance Agency today to learn more about how you can protect your Amarillo, TX home.

Can My Home Insurance Claim Be Denied?

Your homeowner’s insurance plan is supposed to relieve you of the financial stress that occurs once your home is damaged by disasters like theft or fire. However, the worst news you can get is finding out that your insurer cannot pay your claims. Disputes between home insurers and customers over claim payments occur for various reasons.

When a claim is denied you will probably learn about it through a letter from the assigned adjuster. This letter explains the reasons why the claim has been denied including the reference section of your plan that supports the decision the insurer has made.

Here are common reasons for home insurance claim denials in Amarillo, TX:

Non-payment of policy premiums

It’s important to keep up with the premium payments. If the premiums are not paid on time, your insurer may use this as an excuse not to pay your claim.

Failing to file on time

You are supposed to notify your insurer of any losses promptly. Remember that there are other time-sensitive requirements for the documentation and filing of any claim.

Questionable claims or false statements

After a disaster has occurred, you can be sure your insurer will send their adjuster to launch an investigation into your claim. In case they find anything that’s questionable or suspicious as far as the claim or original application is concerned, your claim may be denied.

Insufficient proof of damage

It is your responsibility as a property owner to file and prove the claim to your insurer. The insurance provider will not bother proving your claim to themselves. You are required to accurately document all the damages that were done to your property and in a detailed manner. Consider taking photographs and submitting them to prove your case. At West Texas Insurance Agency, we always walk our clients through the claim process to cover any loopholes that may lead to denial.

Property damage claims are time-consuming and can be difficult if you are not familiar with how they are conducted. West Texas Insurance Agency serves the Amarillo, TX area and will help in processing your claims as long as you document your damages appropriately.


Possible Exclusions for Texas Home Insurance Policies

If you have a home insurance policy in the state of Texas, you’ll be able to replace your home and personal property if they get damaged or destroyed by specific perils. However, there may be only certain “covered losses” on Texas home insurance policies. You may think that you’re covered for a particular incident, but there’s a chance that you might not be.

What a Texas Home Insurance Policy Won’t Cover

While Texas home insurance policies will cover any replacement costs or medical expenses for many types of incidents, it won’t cover any of the following:

  • Floods
  • Earthquakes
  • Infestation of rats, mice, or insects (including termites)
  • Damage caused by a freezing pipe if your home isn’t occupied (unless the water has been turned off or if you heated the building)
  • Any losses that occurred on the property if it has been vacant after a certain number of days (which will be listed in your policy)
  • Damage caused by “wear and tear”
  • Damage to trees and shrubs if it’s caused by wind or hail
  • Mold (unless it’s necessary to complete the repairs)
  • Water damage that’s caused by continuous or repeated leakage

You can always buy windstorm or hail insurance, and you can buy separate coverage for any damage that’s caused by a flood. Be sure to speak to an agent to get more information on what you can do to cover any of these losses.

A Superior Home Insurance Broker in Amarillo, TX

If you want to find the best home insurance broker in Amarillo, TX, West Texas Insurance Agency can help you find a policy that will meet your needs and fit your budget. Our team has years of combined experience so that we can help you with all your insurance needs. If you want more information on how we can help you, please feel free to contact someone at West Texas Insurance Agency. We would be happy to speak with you!

Which Disaster are Covered by Homeowners Insurance?

Homeowners insurance is a coverage that protects you from financial losses when your home is destroyed by the perils listed in the policy. Your home is perhaps your most valuable investment and you ought not to take chances with it.

Risks Covered by Homeowners Insurance

Risks covered vary with the insurance companies. West Texas Insurance Agency in Amarillo, TX offers cost-effective home insurance options to cover your home against risks such as theft, fire, and effects of adverse weather conditions like tornadoes, windstorm, hail, lightning, and explosions or volcanic eruptions. The agency serves states like Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. It provides basic coverage options such as:

  • Liability Coverage – pays for damages caused by you, members of your family, or pets on other people’s properties.
  • Property Coverage – to protect all your belongings such as furniture and jewelry against damage caused by fire, lightning, smoke, vehicles, riots, explosion, theft, and falling objects.
  • Dwelling Coverage – covers your entire house and everything attached such as parking, sheds, and decks.
  • Additional living expenses coverage – provides for extra costs such as a place to stay after your house is damaged.

Remember, home insurance does not cover disasters such as floods, insects, earthquake, water leaks, nuclear hazards, war, wear and tear, or even neglect.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Home Insurance Coverage

The actual cash value or replacement costs are options that you can choose. Replacement cost helps to re-build your home in case of destruction. This coverage ensures that repairs are done using the exact materials and quality when initially constructed.

Consider choosing a policy that you can easily afford while ensuring that the coverage offered is adequate. Conduct an annual review of your home insurance to make any adjustments if need be.

The best way to secure your home investments is by getting the services of a reliable insurance company. West Texas Insurance agency in Amarillo, TX offers its trusted services to states such as Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. For more information or questions, visit our office or give us a call at 806-352-2090. Our website also offers an online rating tool for quotes on home and auto insurance from the comfort of your home.

Essential facts about home insurance

A home is like a haven. It is a place where you raise your family as well as a place where you create precious memories. You need to protect this home against any unexpected risks such as fire, theft, and weather among more. West Texas Insurance Agency in Amarillo, TX is here to help you protect that haven by offering you a home insurance policy that fits your needs.

However, before signing any contract with us, it is good that you understand some key essentials of home insurance. Some of the key facts include:

Damage covered depends on your policy – Not every event that destroys your home can be covered. You need to know what your plan entails and if you need any changes to be done, make sure you communicate it to your insurer.

Have a home inventory – Make sure you categorize everything you have. In doing so, you will be able to know which items were damaged when filing a claim.

You are in control – Most people feel like the insurance company is in control. That should not be the case. You should explore different insurance companies offering home insurance so that you can have options to choose if you cannot find a policy that fits your needs.

Having looked at the essentials, below are our home insurance coverage options you should consider:

Dwelling coverage

  • With this coverage option, your house, as well as anything attached to it such as decks, are covered.

Personal belongings

  • When your home is damaged by a certain event such as fire, there is a high probability that your belongings will be destroyed. So, with this coverage, all your belongings should be protected. However, make sure you do a home inventory before taking this policy. Certain items such as expensive jewelry may need additional coverage.

Liability coverage

  • Liability policy protects your family against lawsuits for any damage you cause to other people. Also, it covers against any harm your pet may cause to your neighbors.

Additional living expenses

  • When your house gets damaged, you may need a place to stay before it is repaired. We help you cover living expenses incurred as a result of damage caused to your home.

So, if you are in Amarillo, TX and need a home insurance policy, West Texas Insurance Agency is always here to guide you. Feel free to contact us today via our website or by phone, for more information.

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