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Keeping Your Car Running Safely When the weather Turns Cold

Maintaining your car’s safety and performance during cold weather is essential to ensuring its smooth operation when driving in winter. According to the Amarillo, TX-based West Texas Insurance Agency professionals, these tips will help keep your car running safely as the colder weather arrives.

Tips to Keep Your Car Running Safely in Winter

In addition to modifying your driving habits for slippery roads (i.e., avoiding sudden movement or braking, increasing following distance, etc.) and following the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule, consider these valuable suggestions-

Check the following:

  • The Battery – Cold weather can strain the car’s battery, so check terminal connections and replace the battery when necessary.
  • The Tires – Cold weather can reduce tire pressure. Keep your tires properly inflated or improve traction with winter tires.
  • The Antifreeze/Coolant Level/Concentration – the proper mixture of antifreeze and water prevents engine freeze-ups.
  • The Engine Oil –thickens from low temperatures. Use winter-grade oil to help oil flow in cold temps.
  • Lights and signals – Make sure these are working correctly.
  • The Brakes – inspect the brake system, including brake fluid, pads, rotors, etc.
  • Check Wiper Fluid/Blade – replace worn blades and switch to winter-grade windshield washer fluid to prevent freezing.
  • The defroster, the heating systems, and related belts/hoses are in working order.
  • Keep Fuel Tank Full – a full tank can prevent a fuel line freeze-up and provides a margin of safety should you be stuck in traffic or delayed.
  • Carry Emergency Supplies – including blankets, flashlights, jumper cables, ice scrapers, snow shovels, and essential tools.

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