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Is commercial insurance required in Texas?

When it comes to owning a small business, you’ll want to be sure that you stay abreast of any changes to state law that impact the type of insurance you are required to have. In Texas, businesses are only required to have one type of insurance – commercial auto. Any business-owned vehicle is required to have commercial auto insurance with at least minimum liability coverage. Unlike many other states, Texas does not require businesses to have workers’ compensation insurance, which helps pay for the medical bills and lost wages from missing work associated with an injury or illness sustained on the job. Although Texas does not require workers’ compensation insurance, you’ll likely want to make the investment and have a policy. If you don’t and an employee is injured or becomes ill because of their job, you’ll be on the hook for all their medical bills, which could quickly bankrupt a company. 

In addition to commercial auto insurance and workers’ compensation insurance, West Texas Insurance Agency in Amarillo, TX can assist in educating you on additional policies that may provide extra peace of mind for you and your business. For example, cyber liability insurance helps companies recover from costly cyber attacks by providing coverage to pay for regulatory fines, customer notifications, and ransom extortion payments.

For more information on commercial insurance, reach out to the friendly and knowledgeable team at the West Texas Insurance Agency. We’ll take time to learn about your business so that we can recommend a personalized insurance policy that best protects your business while staying within budget. Give us a call today or stop by our office in Amarillo, TX to learn more. 


How to Avoid an Auto Accident

When you need your auto insurance you could select the West Texas Insurance Agency servicing Amarillo, TX, to find your best rate and coverage for yourself and your family. To get your best rate, try to not have any automobile collisions. Be certain to be aware of your surroundings when driving because avoiding a car accident is usually something we could plan a little. Remember to drive slower when there is an unusual problem or something different, like the weather or some other vehicle driving different than usual or even some item in the road. Sometimes drivers ignore these differences and maybe would not see the problem early enough. You would need to drive like they are going to collide with your vehicle to drive your best and defensively.

One way to avoid a collision is to stay back from the other vehicle in front of you. This is a very common cause of vehicle accidents, the short following distance and the hard brake leads to multiple automobile wreckage mistakes. Use your signals for lane changes and turns. This is helpful and courteous, and, also, required. Use your etiquette, too, which will help you notice everything. When you go to an intersection, be certain that it is clear perpendicular to you. Remember to avoid alcohol before you drive. This is easy, usually, and maybe there would be a problem, though, and your driver is not available, after all. Remember to notice this and drive when sober. Maybe you need to remember the one beverage per hour rule and stay away from driving when drinking alcohol, usually.

Your West Texas Insurance Agency servicing Amarillo, TX, will help you with your insurance for collisions that maybe you would not cause because you follow these rules. 

Key Items Covered by Home Insurance

In the world of insurance, home insurance is one of the most important coverages you will ever invest in. This policy protects your most valuable asset when the unexpected strikes. But what exactly does home insurance from West Texas Insurance Agency cover? When you buy home insurance for your Amarillo, TX home, it covers the below key areas.

Covers the structure

Protecting the building is one of the most common reasons why most homeowners buy home insurance. Home insurance covers your dwelling’s foundation, walls, roofs, electrical and plumbing system, etc., from perils listed in your policy. However, remember that the land upon which the building sits isn’t covered by home insurance.

Protects the personal assets

Home insurance covers the dwelling and protects the contents inside the dwelling. Home insurance covers personal property, including electronics, furniture, clothing, appliances, and so on. However, home insurance provides limited protection for high-value items like fur and jewelry, but you can purchase riders or add-ons for optimal protection.

Provides liability protection

One of the most critical components of home insurance is liability coverage. When third parties accuse you of bodily injury and property damage, the ensuing costs can quickly stack up. Worse yet, if sued, the liability costs can be too costly for your pocket. However, liability claims aren’t much of a headache if you have home insurance.

Covers additional living expenses

Suppose a peril like fire or any other listed in policy makes your home unlivable. As a result, you may have to look for a temporary shelter as your home undergoes repairs. The temporal shelter may include a hotel, which results in incurring costs like accommodation, food, laundry — something you hadn’t planned for. Luckily, home insurance covers “loss of use” expenses until your home becomes livable again.

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Ready to get started with home insurance? If you are in Amarillo, TX and its environs, please contact West Texas Insurance Agency for a competitive quote.

Commercial Insurance Coverage for Retail Stores

Retail stores have unique business needs that make specialized commercial insurance essential for their protection. At West Texas Insurance Agency, we understand this type of insurance and can help Amarillo, TX, residents understand the different options available for their needs. 

What Commercial Insurance Protection Retail Shops Need

Retail shops include businesses like jewelry shops, florists, clothing stores, food stores, pet supply providers, liquor stores, e-commerce sites, and any other store that sells a variety of different goods directly to consumers. As a result, they operate differently than other types of businesses. 

For example, you’ll need specialized policies that cover your goods and supplies from theft. When you lose items in a retail shop, you basically lose your livelihood. Thankfully, an excellent commercial policy can protect you by paying for goods and even equipment replacement needs. 

However, retail shops also need standard commercial insurance coverage options to find financial loss. These coverage options include protection for general liability and business owner’s policies. In addition, they help to protect against things like lawsuits and the structure of your retail shop. 

Retail shops may also need workers’ compensation policies to protect their many employees and commercial auto policies if they use any delivery vehicles. In this way, you can get the comprehensive protection that you need without paying a lot of money in the process. This benefit can help you reinvest back into your business with the money you save.

Let Us Help You 

Our insurance experts at West Texas Insurance Agency understand retail commercial insurance policies and will provide Amarillo, TX, residents with the help that they need to avoid long-term complications. Reach out to us today to learn more about your many coverage options. We’ll do what we can to help provide you with the policy you need.

Homeowners insurance: 7 Steps for taking a home inventory

A home inventory is the first step in purchasing homeowners insurance. This document catalogs your possessions. If you are forced to make a claim, a home inventory will speed up the process and help increase your pay out.

That’s why West Texas Insurance Agency encourages its clients to start here. Serving Amarillo, TX, these professionals share seven steps for creating a comprehensive home inventory.

Organize by room or area

Break down your home into sections. Avoid getting overwhelmed by starting with smaller areas. Find a process that makes the most sense for you.

Record basic information

Write down descriptions of each item. At a minimum, this includes purchase dates and approximate prices. Jot down the makes, models, and serial numbers of electronics and appliances as well.

Group similar items

There’s no need to list everything individually. Lump low-cost goods, like clothes, together. Assign a total value for the entire group.

Take pictures and video

It pays to have some visuals. These will speed up any claims. In addition to being a reminder of what you own, these pictures and video document belongings before they’ve been damaged.

List expensive items separately

Jewelry, collectibles, and other high-end items often require additional coverage. Make a note of these items and then consult an agent.

Incorporate technology

Work smarter, not harder. Home inventory apps, like Sortly or Nest Egg, make this process easier. Users can organize info, scan barcodes, and upload images.

Update often

Review your inventory regularly. While it’s great to keep digital records, print out hard copies as a backup. Store these somewhere other than your home just in case.

Contact an agent serving Amarillo, TX

After completing your home inventory, reach out to West Texas Insurance Agency. Using this information, these agents will find a personalized homeowners policy that’s right for you.

Is it Time to Review Your Commercial Insurance?

Like many things in life, your commercial insurance isn’t something you buy and forget. West Texas Insurance Agency of Amarillo, TX, recommends reviewing your business insurance at least every year. This way, you will be paying for the right amount of premiums, and you will make the claim process smooth.

But there are the things that shouldn’t wait for a year to lapse so that you update your insurance policy. If the below happens, talk to your insurance agent ASAP.

Downsizing or expanding your business

Are you moving to a smaller office? Or perhaps you are adding the number of stores? Either way, you need to inform your commercial insurance agent. Changes in your business size affect your insurance premium, and it’s essential to inform your insurer to make the necessary adjustments.

Change of location

Moving your business to a new state? Inform your insurer to ensure they have a presence in your new location. Plus, a new location comes with a new set of risks that must be factored in your policy.

Changes in workforce

If you have invested in worker’s comp insurance, you need to update your insurer whenever there are additions or reductions in your workforce.

Purchases or disposal of equipment

It’s normal for a business to purchase new equipment. It’s equally standard for a business to get rid of old equipment, perhaps to invest in equipment with better technology. Whatever the reason, you need to inform your insurance agent to ensure that the assets covered are the ones you own.

Conversion of personal vehicle to business car

If you want to use your vehicle to run commercial errands, you need to upgrade from personal auto insurance to commercial auto insurance.

Buy commercial insurance today!

Do you need more information on commercial insurance? Ready to buy commercial insurance for your Amarillo, TX business? Please consider West Texas Insurance Agency for all your business insurance solutions.

Why does anyone need auto insurance in Texas?

Anyone that lives in the Amarillo, TX area will find that owning a vehicle is a good idea as it will make getting around the community much easier. While there are conveniences that come with vehicle ownership, it is also a big responsibility that you need to take seriously. One responsibility includes ensuring that you have proper insurance. There are several reasons that people here need to have auto insurance. d

Coverage Required by Law

A common reason that people in this area of Texas will need to have auto insurance is that the coverage is often required by law. Anyone that would like to drive a car on a public road in this state needs to at least have liability insurance. If you do not have this coverage, you could face various penalties. 

Coverage is a Lender Requirement

If you have decided to take out a loan when buying a car, you will need to abide by your lender’s insurance obligations. In many cases, the lender will stipulate that you need to have both collision and comprehensive coverage. This insurance ultimately protects your vehicle against many risks including theft, vandalism, or accident damage. Banks will want you to maintain this coverage until it is fully repaid as it will protect your vehicle and their security interest in your car. 

People that are in the Amarillo, TX area and want to own a vehicle should always get auto insurance for it. As you are looking to build an insurance plan, you should call the West Texas Insurance Agency. When you do call the West Texas Insurance Agency, you can learn a lot about the different insurance needs and options that you have. This can help you choose a plan that will give proper protection. 

Who Needs Commercial Insurance?

Any responsible business owner understands the purpose and importance of commercial insurance. It helps protect your business, you as a business owner, and the employees you hire. If you are planning to purchase commercial insurance, but you need more information about it, West Texas Insurance Agency serving Amarillo, TX prepared a list of those who definitely benefit from this type of insurance:

Business Owners With Liability Concerns

There are some businesses and business owners who are more prone to liability lawsuits. Therefore, having commercial insurance for them is more important than for others. Almost all commercial insurance policies provide at least some level of liability protection – protection of the business assets when a business owner is being sued and protection of personal assets of a business owner when their business is being sued. 

Business Owners Who Hire Employees

Even though it is not mandatory in Texas to carry workers’ compensation, it is still recommended to have it because this type of commercial coverage protects both business owners and their employees from financial losses if a workplace injury occurs. 

Business Owners With Their Own Commercial Properties

Business owners with their own business properties will also benefit from business insurance. Commercial insurance covers commercial buildings, as well as all the assets and personal belongings of business owners stored inside. This means that if something happens to their building or stuff, insurance will pay for its repair or replacement. 

West Texas Insurance Agency – Find Commercial Insurance You Need

If you are a business owner from Amarillo, TX or any other nearby town or area, you should consider getting commercial insurance that will protect you and your business. West Texas Insurance Agency is an insurance company that is ready to assist you and help you find the perfect policy. If you want to discuss the insurance options available or have any questions about the insurance policies we offer, do not hesitate to call us. 

Is it time to upgrade my auto insurance in Texas?

Upgrading your auto insurance policy in Amarillo, TX is relatively straightforward. Many motorists rarely boost their auto insurance. All they undertake is to renew their policies devoid of proper assessment of their current prevailing needs, getting captured. If you are such an automobile owner, please contact West Texas Insurance Agency in Amarillo, TX to explain striking reasons that may warrant your auto insurance upgrade. 

When you are letting go of your current car

There are various reasons you would want to offload your current car. You are probably aspiring to upgrade, downgrade, or upon your lease expiry, and you need to figure out the next step to take. Regardless of the reason, it’s prudent to upgrade your auto insurance to ensure your pressing current needs are taken care of.

When you change use of your car

Are you utilizing your vehicle in running your business affairs? It is wise to upgrade it to commercial auto insurance if you convert your private car to business operations. It’s vital to upgrade your auto insurance to commercial auto insurance to safeguard your driver when accidents strike.

When you let a teenager drive your car

When you decide that your teenage daughter or son should drive your car, there is an urge to include them in your auto insurance policy. Teenagers are considered risky and vulnerable drivers to road uncertainties requiring adjustment of your premiums accordingly from your insurance company.

Switching your coverage to another

When you realize that the third-party policy you earlier possessed is not adequate, you would prefer switching to comprehensive insurance.

Are you still in the darkness, unsure whether to upgrade your auto insurance in Amarillo, TX? Call or visit our West Texas Insurance Agency offices for guidance from our reputable agents.

How Water Damage Impacts Home Insurance

West Texas Insurance Agency assists the Amarillo, TX community, as well as the surrounding areas. For over 15 years, we have strived to help our clients find coverage to meet any need. We treat our clients like family, and we hope to establish a long-term relationship with you.

How Water Damage Impacts Home Insurance

Your Amarillo, TX home is your personal sanctuary. Home insurance helps you protect your most valuable asset. You are covered if your home suffers significant damage due to inclement weather or an accidental fire. All of your personal items inside the home are covered if they are stolen. However, you may need to add extra coverage if you have luxury items such as paintings or fur. That is the only way to fully cover those items. Liability coverage protects you if a guest is injured while visiting your property or if you damage your neighbor’s property.

Generally, your home insurance covers water damage to your property. You are protected if there is an accidental leak due to a burst pipe. However, it’s important that you take care of your property. You are not protected if your home’s issues are caused due to poor maintenance. You may also be left unprotected if your home is damaged due to a leaky drain or sewage backup. You can add flood insurance to protect your home against issues created by overflowing rivers, lakes, and oceans. Research your policy carefully to see which water damage is covered and potential areas where you may be left unprotected.

West Texas Insurance Agency Will Help You Protect Your Assets

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